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Hjiory of the Puritans, exam n'd 35 't utmoft of their Policy, to reftore that Tribe " again." " In like fort, if thefe our Brethren aforefaid fhall [fhould, MSS. B.] be deprived of their Places for the Matter premifed, I think we fhould bend our Wits to the utmoft Extent of our Skill to provide fome Cure of Souls for them, that they may exercife their Talents." " Furthermore, if thefe Men, being diversHun- dreds, [as is bruited abroad. MSS. B. Peirce,] fhould forfake their Charges, [as forcefuppo[e they will. MSS. B. Peirce,] Who I pray you fhould fucceed them? Verily, I know not where to find f® many able Preachers [Pa/lors, MSS. B.] in, this Realm unprovided for. But fuppofe there were, [but be it that fo many may, he found to fupply thefe empty Rooms. MSS. B. Peirce,] yet they might be more conveniently fettled in the Seats of unpreaching Minifters, [and fo the Number of Preachers would be much increafd; MSS. B. Peirce.] But if they are put in the Places of thefe Men. that are difpoflefs'd, it will follow, that the Number of preaching Minifters will not be multiplied. Eby this Supply. MSS. B.] " a. The Church cannot [would not in likelihood, MSS. B. Peirce.] be fo well furnifhed on a fudden. For tho' happily the new Supply may be of learned Men from the Univerfties, yet will they not be fach ready Preachers for a time, nor fo expe- rienced in paftoral Government, nor fo well ac- quainted with the Mainners [and Ufage, MSS. P. Peirce,] of the People, nor lb Dfcreet [every way, MSS, E. Peirce,] in their Carriage as thole [the others, MSS. B. Peirce,] who have already fpent many Ye irs [abroad, MSS, B. Peirce,] in their miniileriai Charge." . " l3efides, [this, MSS. B. Peirce,] förafinuch as in the Life-time of the late Archbifhop ofCanter- 1 2 " l7ury GG GG G4 GG GG GG GG GG CC