Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

36 Mr. N EA L 's IId Vol. of the " bury, thefe things were not fo extremely urged, " but that many learned Preachers enjoy'd their Liberty [herein, MSS. B. Peirce,] conditionally, " that they did not byword or Deed openly difturb " [diffrace or dfurb. Peirce,] the State eftablifhed, " I would know a reafon why they fhould now be " fo generally [puntlually, MSS. B.] andexceeding " ftraitly called upon, [feeing thefeMen'sLabours are " the more neceffarybyfò muchas wefee greater increafe " of, &c: MSS. B. Peirce,] especially as there is a " greater increa[eofPapifts lately than heretofore." [Again, confider that the Romanifts, which differ from us in Subfiance ofReligion, are not for Recutncy utterly difpoffeffed of all their Livelihood, but only have a Pecuniary Multi l impofed upon them, which many of them ,do eafaly bear as the Matter is ufed ; y marvel why thefe Men, who dent from us only in Ceremony and Circumf ante, fhould be thereupon put to the lofs Of their whole Living and Maintenance. MSS. B. Omit- ted by Mr. Peirce and Mr. Neal.] " To conclude, I wifh, that ifby Petition to the " King's Majefty, there cannot be obtain' d a quite Removeof the Premiffes, [whichfeem toogrievous " to divers. MSS. B. Peirce,] nor yet a Toleration " for them that are of more Raid and temperate " Carriage, yet at leaft that there might be a miti- " gation of the Penalty." [if they cannot be drawn by our Reafons to Conformitywith us. MSS. B.Peirce:] Such large Omiffions, when an Hiftorian pretends to give us his Authorities with Exadnefs, (hews Inac- curacy, to fay no worfe of it. Neal, p. 40. Dr. Bancròft Bifop ofLondon being tranflated to the See ofCanterbury, (December t 604,) Was fucceeded by Vaughan Bifhop of Chefter, a cor- pulent Man; and of little Activity. Dr. Fuller's Character ofhim is this, [B. x. p. 49.] Bishop Vaughan was a corpulent Man, but fpiri- tually minded ; fuch his Integrity, not to be bow'd (though