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Hi oy ofthe Puritans, examin'd. 37 (though force was not wanting) to any bale Con- ' nivance, to wrong the Church he was placed in, ' His many Vertues made his Lofs to be be- ' moan'd.' Neal, Ibid. Upon his Advancement, the Dutch and French Minifters within his Diocefs, prefented him with an Addrefs for his Protection, wherein they fit forth; That their Churches were granted them by Charter fromPious KingEdwardVI. in theTear 1550, and tho' they were again difperfed by the Marian Per- fecution, they were reficred to their Churches andPri- vileges by Queen Elizabeth, in the Tear 1558 ; from which time they had been in the uninterrupted PoJon of them. It appearsfrom our Records, fay they, how kind and friendly the Pious Grindal was to us, and what pains' the prudent Biifhop Sandys took in compofing our Differences. We promife the like Favour fromyour Lord/hip, &c. [Strype's Ann. vol. ult. p. 390.] Hehad aced more like an Impartial Hi/torian, if inffeadofhis, &c. he had given us their Encomium upon Bifhop Vaughan. Idem a Rev. tud dignitate certo nobis pollicemur ; multis, pietate, eruditione, re- rum experientid & humanitate fingulari excellentior. Celebris eft tua eruditio, pietas, & eloquentia in Auld, in Academia', in hac Civitate, totoque Regno. An Omiflion too favourable to the Bithop tobe inferted in his Hiffory. Neal, Ibid. Monfieur de la Fontain delivered the Addrefs with a Jhort LatinSpeech, towhom the Bop replied, " I thank you, moll dear Brethren, for your " kind Addrefs ; I amfen /ible of the Merits ofJohn Alafco, Utenhovius and Edmund Grindal Bop " of London, Superintendents ofyour Churches, &c." No mention ofeither Utenhovi,rs or EdmundGrin- dal in the Bifhop's Anfwer, [fee Strype, vol. ult. p. 395.] tho' both are mentioned in Monfieur de la Fontain's Speech, which two Speeches this Gentle- man has confounded. Fontain's Words, Defignatus D 3 eft