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sk3. Mr. NEAL'sIF Vol. oft1e eft infpe for Johannes Alafco, &c. The Conclufion of the Bifhop's Anfwer, " Ego, fi qua in re vobis " ufti e/fepotere, non deero ; fed quernadmodum ante- " ceffores meifecerunt, vos defendam. I-Iæc dixi fubitá ; & dicendi defteturline, fortan non ita latinè. De la Fontain's Awer to the Bifhop's Speech, which follows in the fame Page, Mr. Neal fhould have favour'd us with ; tho' it f reflen upon thofe that diffented from the Church Eítablifh'd. " Quad ad &Sicilian altinet, quod jam Ecclefias An- " glicanas turbat, fieri non poteft ut id ignoremus, 8C 44 ut animos nófiros non pungeret ingerti delore ; fed " memores fumes nos e/feperegrinos, qui rebus alienis 46 nequaquam nos imrnifcere debeamus. Si tamer " nofiris confilüs aut operd, Ecclef cepacempromovere " poffitmus, & ignem hune reftinguere, nonmodo omni " fiudio id libenterfaceremus, fed etiam vitain nofiram, " adpctcem banc redimendamprofunderemus." Neal, p. 4. i . His Grace revived the Perfecution of the Puritans, by enforcing the obfervance of all the Fefivalsof the Church, by reviving the ufe of Copes, Surplices, Caps, Hoods, &c. according to the firfl Service-Book ofKing Edward, by obliging the Clergy to.fubferibe the three Articles of Whitgift, which by the late Canon [36,1 they were obliged lo declare, they did willingly and from the Heart. By tbefe Methods of Severity, [Altare Damafc.] about three Hundred Puritan ?vIiniflers were filenced, or deprived, &c. The Altar of Dama/eus tells us, if we may believe him, that no fewer than three Hundred preaching Minifters were either filenced or de- ' prived on that account ; but the Author or Authors of that Book, whoever they are, can ' make a Mountain of a Mole-Hill, if it f{ands in their way : for it appears by theRolls brought in ' by .Bifhop Bancroft before his Death, that there * Heylia's Aer. Rediviv. p. 372. Coll'ier's Ecclef. Hiftory, p.á8. had