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46 Mr. N E A L's IId Vol. of the 6 ing called on, have yielded tocalf myfelf into the very gulph of this Contention ; not much regard- ' ing what becomes of my Repute with Men, fo as I may difcharge myfelf faithfully, and with a good Confcience towards God's Truth, and the Churches Peace, and hold unfèign'd Love in my Heart, even to thofe whom I oppofe ; to whom I fhall never be an Enemy, unlefs it be in fpeaking for the Truth againft thofe who be- lieve an Error in them. Some (lays he, p. 2o.) have obje&ced that I wasof their Mind, as touching thefe Ceremonies, till a good Benefice brought me about: but the Untruth is famoufly known, for I had fubfcribed and obtained the Liberty of my Minilfry again, (for which I thank God and all that help me) an been. Preacher at Bifhopfgate in London, above fix Months, before I heard any word of the Benefice I have : Nor knew I my worthy Patron, Malter Robert Shilton, nor he me, nor had we ever feet One another, when firff he pleafed to britág the offer thereof unto me at Ifleworth, after that Dr. Chetwind, now Dean of Br f ol, firlf refus'd it. And they who know how gainful the PraEice of Phyfick was then to me, (which I affirm upon my Confcience, to have been everyYear as profitable§ as my Benefice is in three Years at the leaff) will ' never believe that it was matter of Profit which took me oft from Phyfick, and brought me to Conformity. I may boldly fay this, that I have parted with more Profit by taking up Conformity, than any Man in Englandhas done by his Incon- fortuity ; therefore it was not a Benefice that drew me on.' Neal, p. 64. Mr. Bradfhaw publfh'd a ¡mall Yreatife, entitled, Englifh P!iritanifm, containing the main Opinions of the rigideft fort of thofe, that went by that Name in the Realm of England ; the Reader