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Hillary of the Puritans, examin'd. 47 Reader will learn from the following Abflrai of it, the true State of their Cafe, as well as the near Affi- nity between the Principles of the ancient and modem Nonconformifts. The Book contains 35 Pages in 12°, and Mr. Neal in his Abftra&c has omitted leveral things very remarkable. In the fecund Chapter, the ninth Article is wholly'Omitted, and is as follows : ' Altho' they hold, that Congregationsof which Kings and ' Nobles make themfelves Members, ought to have ' the fame Ecclefaftical Officers, Miniftry, Wor- fhip, Sacraments, Ceremonies, and Form of Di- ' vine Worihip, that the bafeft Congregation in the Country hath, and no other; yet they hold allo, 6 that as their Perlons in Civil Refpe6t excel ; fo in the Exercifes of Religion in Civil Matters, they may excel other Affemblies. Their Chappell, and Seats may he gorgeoufly ,fet forth, with rich Ar- ras, and Tapeftry, their Fonts may be of Silver ; their Communion-Tables of Ivory, and if they will, covered with Gold : the Cup out of which they drink the facramental Blood of Chrift may ' be of beaten Gold, fet about with Diamonds; their Minifters may be clothed in Silk and Velvet; ' fo themfelves will maintain them in that manner otherwife they think it,abfurd, and againft corn- ' mon Reafon, that other bateand inferior Congre- gations muff by Ecclefiaftical Tythes and Obla- tions, maintain the Silken, and Velvet Suits, and lordly Retinue of the Minifters and Ecclefiaftical Officers of Princes and. Nobles. See Art. 9, p. 9, r o.' Chap. 3. Art. 6. [It fhould be i ith, s Neal, p. 67. That the Church has no power to impofe upon her Paflars or Officers any other Ceremonies or InjunSioa's than what Chrifl has appointed. Art. t z. ' They hold that the Church hath no Authority to impofe upon her Paftors, or any other