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48 Mr. NE AL 's IId VOL of the other of her Officers, any. other Minifterial Du- ' ties, Offices, Funé ions, AEtions or Ceremonies, ` either in Divine Worfhip or out of the fame, than what Chrift himfelf in the Scriptures bath impos'd ` upon them, or what they might lawfully im- pofe upon Chrift himfelf, if he were in Perfon ' upon Earth, and did exercife a Minifterial Office in fome Church. Ib. p. 20.' 12th Article omitted. ' Theyhold it as great an In- jury to force a Congregation or Church, tomain- ' tain as their Paftor with Tythes, and fúch like Donations, that Perfon, that either is not able to inftrua them, or that refufeth in his own Perfon ordinarily to do it; as to force a Man to maintain one for his Wife, that either is not a Woman, ' or that refufeth in her own Perron to do the Du- ties ofa Wife to him. Ib. p. 20.' Chap. 5. Art. 1. Neal, p. 67. They hold that the Spiritual Keys of the Church are committed to the aforefaidSpiritual Officers and Governours, and none others. What follows, omitted by Mr. Neal. Which Keys they hold, that they are not to be put to this Ufe ; to lock up the Crowns, Swords, ' and Scepters of Princes and Civil States, or the Civil Rights, Prerogatives and Immunities of civil Subjeas, in the Things of this Life ; or to ' ufe them as Picklocks to open withal Mens Trea- furies, and Coffers, or as Keys of Prifons to Phut up the Bodies of Men ; for they think that fuch a Power and Authority Ecclefiaftical, is only fit for the Antichr/ of Rome. Ib. p. 24.' Chap. 6. Art. i. Neal, p. 69. They hold that the Civil Magrate ought to have Supreme [Civil added by Mr. Neal] Power over all the Churches within his Dominions [in all Caufs whatfoever, omitted by Mr. Neal] but that, as he is a Chri flian, he ought to be a Member of /erne one of them. What follows omittedby Mr. Neal: ' And ought