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Hifory ofthe Puritans, examin'd. 49 4 Ought to be as fubjea to the fpiritual Regiment thereof, prefcribed by Chrift in his Word, as the meaneft Su.bje& in his Kingdom ; and they hold that this Subje&tion is no more derogatory to his Supremacy, than the SubjeEtion of his Body in Sicknefs to Phyficians, can be faid to be deroga-, tory thereunto.' Neal, p. 74. The "Iles of Guernfey and Jerfey ha- ving enjoy'd the Difcigline cf the French Churches, withoutDfturbanèe, all tbeReign cf Queen Elizabeth upon the Accefion of the prefect King, addrefs'd his Majefly for a Confirmation of it ; which he was ',leafed to grant by a Letter under the Privy-Seal, &c. Collier fays, ' At King James's Accefiïon to the Throne, the Puritanical Party addrefs him with a falfe Suggeftion, that the Difcipline had been alldw'd by Queen Elizabeth. Upon this Mike- ' prefntation, they procured a Letter from his Majefty, under the Privy-Seal, in confirmation of the pretended Permifìion in the late Reign.' Neal, p. 75. Sir John Peyton, a zealous Church- man, was appointed Governor, withfecret "grunions to root out the Geneva Difcipline, andfettle the Englifh Liturgy and Ceremonies. This Gentleman taking ad- vantage of the Synod's 'appointing a Mintier to a va- cant Living according to Cullom, prote/ted againft it, as injurious to. the King's Prerogative, &c. t Collier's Words ; ' The Governor, . the King's Attorney, and the other Officers ofthe Crown pro- ' tefted publickly againft thefe Proceedings, al- ' ledging the Prerogative was injured,and the Royal Revenues leffen'd by this pretended Privilege.' Neal, p. 76. The Jerfey Micifers alledged in their Defence, that the Prefentation to Livings was a Branch of their Difcipline ; that the Payment of F'irfl..Fruitç and Tenths was never demanded fence tley were dip * Ecc'ef. I-íi(t. p.707. Ib. bctT iva