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6o Mr. NE AL 's IId Vol. of the Archbifhop Parker, he will not take it amifs, if I corret it from an unexceptionableAuthority. He informs us, Neal, p. 96. The whole Bible waspubl'd with Marginal Notes 1559, Dedicated to Queen Eliza- beth, &c. But the Marginal Notes giving Offence, it was not fter'd to be publifh'd in England, till the Death of Archbop, Parker, when it was printed 1576, by Chriftopher Barker in 4to, &c. * ' Togive (fays Mr. Lewis) an Account of the mo;t remarkable Editions of the Bible, &c. which I before faid was tranflated and printed by fome Englifh Refugees at Geneva, in theYears ' 1557 and 156o, in 12mo, and 4to. Eight Years after, it was again printed in Two Volumes in Folio ; and again at Geneva 157o, and again at London in Folio and Quarto 1572, and in Orar- to 1575, :576' Neal, p. 97. At the requefl of the Puritans in the Hampton-Court Conference, King James appointed a new 2r'anflation to be undertaken by the mofl learned Men of both Univerfities ; under the following Regu- lations. 4. That when a Word bas diverfe Signili- cations, that be kept, which has been moll commonly urfed by the Fathers. The Words ; -}- ' Ufed by the molt eminent Fathers, being agreeable to the Propriety of the Place, and the Analogy of Faith.' Neal, Ibid. 5. That the Divifion ofChapters be not altered. {l, The Diviuon of the Chapters to be alter'd either not at all, or as little as may be, if Necef- fity fo require.' * Mr. Lewis's Hiflory of Englifh Tranflationr, c. In his Preface to Wickliff's New Teftamenr, p. 66. See likewife, p. 58. -I- Lewis, p.81. Fuller, Book x, p, )46. 11 Lewis, p. Si. Faller, p. 146. Neal,