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Hiory ofthe Puritans, examin'd. 6i Neal, Ibid. Theywere to confult the modern T'ranf- lations of the French, Dutch, German, &c. but to vary as little as . pofble from the B op's Bible. ** Thefe Tranflations to be ufed, when they agree better with the Text, than the Bifhop's Bible, viz. Tyndal's, 1Matthez6's, Coverdale's, Whitchurch, Geneva.' Such fmall Inaccuracys as thefe fhould be avoided by every Hiflorian, who pretends to Exadnefs. Neal, p. lox. [he Solemnity of thefe Nuptials, (viz. of Elizabeth. the King's Daughter, and Frede- rick V. Ele&or Palatine) was retarded force Months, by the untimely Death of Henry Prince of Wales; who died November 6ë 1612. and was buried the 7th of December following. * He died November 6. and the Marriage Fe- buary 14th, following. Neal, Ibid. Some havefufpeñted the King his Fa- ther caus'd him to be poifoned, though there is no cer- tain Proof of it. Mr. Erhard rightly obferves, -i- ' That the 6 World is always ready to attribute the Deaths of beloved Princes to unfair Practices ; and it be came the great Rumour of the Time, that the Prince was poifoned. We dare not (lays he) de- ' termine that nice Matter, yet the Prefumptions are too ftrong to be buried in filence ; efpecially if we confider the violent Conteffs between him ' and Rochefler, and the wicked Practices of that ' implacable Man. For the Prince was an open- '. hearted Man, and refenting every Injury done to his Nation, had once declar'd, that if ever he was King, he would not leave one of that Family ' unpunifh'd: and therefore he and the Howard; Lewis, p. 8z.. Fuller, p. 47. Echard, Vol. I. P. 933. { Echard's Hitt. Vol. I. p. 933, his own Time, Vol, I. p. I L See ÿurnet's Hillery of could