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62 Mr. N Ë A LS IId VOL of the could not think themfelves fecure, till he had paid that Debt to Nature; (and fo the Manner of his Death was paiï'ed over by a Certificate from fome Court-Phyficians, that his Liver was paler than ordinary, his Gall without Choler in it, his Spleen, Midriff, and Lungs were very black, and his Sto- mach in no part offended, as if no Pailons could produce fuck Effee}s.' There are variety of other Authorities for the difproof of Mr. Neal's unfair Infinuations, for which I refer the Reader to the * Margin. . Neal, Ibid. 'Tis certain the King wasjealous of his Son's Popularity, and ask'd one day if he would bury him alive; and upon. his Death commanded that no Perfonjbould appear at Court in Mourning for him. Rapin, 339, 340. Rapin in the Place referr'd to, tho' no great Friend to the Royal Houfe of Stuart, feems to me to have been lefs prejudic'd in this Particular than Mr. Neal. He tells us, t ' That he does not find in the Hiftorians, who were the molt bitter Enemies of King games, any thing but bare Sufpicions and naked Conjetures, which in all appearance were only Fruits ofthe blackeft Malice.' And in the Account referr'd to before in Mr. Peck, 'tis faid, jj ' That his Majefty, whole s A full Accounr'óf the Manner of his Sicknefs and Death MSS. Jo. Epifc. Elienf. MSS. Reverendi Tho, Baker, S. T. B, Vol. XXXII. p. 129, &c. Printed by Mr. Peck, Defiderata Cüriofa, Lib. vi. p. r, a, 3. Sir Charles Cornwallis, his Trea furer's printed Account. Bishop .Goodman', Anlicus Coqui- naria; in Anfwer to Sir Anthony l'eldon's Court and Charatler of King 7ames, p. 144, to t sg, excluf For thefè Authorities, and many. more, I am indebted to my molt worthyFriend Mr. Tho. Baker, S. T. B. ofSt. John's College, Cambridge; a Per- fon univerfally efï'eem'd, for his great Knowledge in almoft all the Branches of Literature and who, as he is the molt know -. ing in our Englifh Hiftory, and Antiquitys; fo is he the molt communicative Man living. I- Rapin, p. 339. Peck's Defaderaäa Cìsri©fa, Lib. vi, p.. 3, ' Sorröv