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Hiftor,y ofthe Puritans, examined. 6; ` ,Sorrow no Tongue can exprefs, not willing, nor being able to flay fo near the Gates of fo extreme a Sorrow, more like a dead than a living Man, full of molt wonderful Heavinefs removed `to Theobalds.' Neal, p. 102. To furnifh the Exchequer with Money, feveral new Projeas were fit on foot. His Maje/ty created a new Order of Knights Baronets q the Number not to exceed 200, and the Expence of the Patent One Thoufand Ninety-Five Pounds. t Rapin obf°rres, ` That the King made but i o0 at the firf Promotion : And II Sandford and *.Afhmole, fix the Creation of Baronets not in 1613, as Mr. Neal does, but in the 9thof King James's Reign, i 6'i . For which they were ` to give z o00 /. in Money, fays Sandford, towards ` the Plantation of the Province cf UJter, in Ire- land. Mr. Sandford was Lancafler Herald, and Mr. Afhmole T zndfor Herald, and both of tàri- queftioned Authority.' Neal, p. io8. The King wasfo full of his Prero- gative, that he apprehended he could convince his Sub- jeSs of its abfolute Extent; for this Reafon he turn'd Preacher in the Star - Chamber, and .took his Text, Pfàlm lxxii. I. Give the King thy Judgments, O God, and thy Righteoufnefs to the King's Son. After dividing and fab-dividing, &c. he applied it to the judges and Courts of judicature, telling them, "$ it That the King fitting in the Throne of God, " all judgments center in him, and therefore for " inferiour Courts to determine difficult Queflions without confulting him, was to incroach upon " his Prerogative and to limit his Power, which rapin, p. 3,6 i Sandfords Hiftory of the Kings of EngtAnd, p. pz. Afhmole's Hiftor j o; the Garter, p. 16. tl- RaQin, p. 3'93,