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64. Mr. N E A L's TI Vol. of the " it was not lawful for the Tongue of a Lawyer, nor " any Subjet to diifpute. Rapin's Words (which Mr: Neal has very much alter'd) are thefe ; ' Incroach not upon the Prero- gative, deal not in difficult Queftions before you confult the King and Council, for fear ofwound- ing the King through the fides of a private Per- ' fon. That thatwhich concerns the Myftery of the King's Power, is not lawful to be difputed ; for that is towade into the Weaknefs of Princes, and ' to take away the myftical Reverence that belongs to thofe who fit in theThrone of God. ' Keep you therefore all in your own Bounds; and for my part; I delire you to give me no more Right in my private Prerogative, than you give to any Subjea ; and therein I will be acquie- fcent : As for the abfolute Prerogative of the Crown, that is no Subjea for the Tongue of a Lawyer, nor is it lawful to be difputed.' His Directions to the Judgesbegin thus. (p.555.] Now, my Lords the Judges, for your Parts ; the Charge I have togive toyou, conflits of three Parts. ' Firfl ingeneral, That you do Juftice uprightly, as you shall anfwer to God and me :. For I have only God to anfwer to, and expel: Punifhment at his hands if I offend ; fo you are to anfwer both to God and to me ; and expe& Puniíh- ' ment at God's hand and mine, if you be found in fault. Secondly, To do Juftice indifferently between Subjea and Subject, between King and Subjea ; without Delay, Partiality, Fear or Bribery, with flout and upright Hearts, with clean and uncorrupt Hands. King fames's vßrks, p. Ff; When