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if?ory of the Puritans, examin'd. 71 thefe Solicitations were all in vain, for the Prince ' was too well fettled in his Religion, to be gain'd 6 upon by thefe Letters, (viz. of the Pope), or the Spank Complements.' And what Authority Mr. Neal has for this in- tended Coalition of the two Churches, I am at a lofs to guefs : * ' The Prince in a Letter toOlivarez , tells him, That they íhould never find him a Shecbem,to pafs over to a newReligion for a Wife.' t Nay, Bithop Hacket obferves farther, ' That the Condé had oblig'd his Honour to his Highnefs, ' when he came firft to the Court of Spain, never to meddle with himabout his Religion. He kept not his Promife, but folicited his Highnefs, that as he lov'd his Soul, he would return to Eng- land a Catholick in his Senfe. Well, my Lord, fays the Prince, you have broken your Word with me, but I will not break my Faith with 6 God. At another time he befought his Highnefs e toafford his Companyat a folemn Mafs. No Sir, fays the Prince, I will do no Ill, nor the Sufpicion ' of it. Once more he told his Highnefs, that he would accompliíh all that he could defireof the Crown of Spain, ifhe would profefs himfelf a Son ' of the Romifh Church.. He thould not only carry ' home the braveft Lady for Beauty, Birth and Ver- tue, that was, but be made as great a King in Riches and Power as was in Europe, &c. TheKing ' was heated with the Proffer, and gave this Provo- cation to him that had provok'd him, That it was fuch another Rhodomontade, as the Devil made to Chrift ; All thefe things will I give thee, if thou c wilt fall down and worfhip me? [Hacket, Ibid.] Bi- Ihop Burnet, in his Hiftory of his own Times, fays [p. 47.] that he had a firm Averfion to Popery. * Dr. Racket's Life of Biíbop Williams,, p. 146. Ibid, p. 147._