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7 2 Mr. NE AL's IIa Vol. of the Neal, p. 144. It was happy after all, that the Prince got fafe out of theSpanifh Territories ; which, as Span- heim obferves, [Rapin, p. 558, vide Note.] that Politick Court would not have permitted, had they not conjidered, that the Queen of Bohemia, next Heir to the Crown, was a greater Enemy to Popery than her Brother. 2yndal's Note upon Rapin, [p. 558.] as follows; and how fairly he has cited it, mutt be left to the Reader to judge : ' But this Point is clear'd by the Remark with which Spanheim fums up what relates to the Spanifh Affair : " That never Prince " was more obliged to a Sifter, than King Charles I. c' was to the Queen of Bohemia ; fince it was the Confederation of her and her Children, who were " next Heirs after him to the Crcwn of England, that prevail'dwith the Court of Spain to permit E' him to return into England again." Not oneWord of her being a greater Enemy to Po- pery than ber Brother, as Mr. Neal (not over-fairly) fuggefts. Neal, p. 146. fpeaking of the King's Anfwer to the CommonsPetition to break off the Spanifh Match, &c. fays, What folemn Appeals to Heaven are the againft the cleareft and ftrongeft FaRs ! It requires a good Degree of Charity to believe this Prince had either Religion or Honefty. It requires a good Degree ofCharity, not to be- lieve Mr. Neal a down-right Republican; after meet- ing with fo many--titter Refieaions upon King Jam's the Firft's Charaéler. Neal, p. 147. The Treaty of Marriage [with Henrietta-Maria, the King of France's Sifter] went forwards, andwas at lait fgned Nov. t o. in Thirty-three Articles,. and Three fecret ones. * Rapin mentions but Thirty Articles, and Three fecret ones. * Rapin, p.6oi. Neal,