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Wary of the Puritans, exumin'd. 73 Neal, Ibid. Wherein the very fameor greater Ad- vantages were jtipulated for the Catholicks, than thofe of Madrid. * Rufhworth fpeaks more favourably, and ob- ferves, That the Articles of Religion were not ' muchfhort of thofe for the Spanfh Match.' Neal, Ibid. But before the Dir rnfation from the Pope could be procùr'd, his MajeJly fellFick at Theo- balds of a Tertian Ague, which put an end to his Life, not without Sufpicion of Poifon ; March 27. 1 625. in the 59th Tear of his Age. Archbilhop Laud in his Diary [p. 15.] tells us, The King fell lick March 4. the Difeafe ap- ' pear'd to be a Tertian Ague, but I fear (lays he) 'twas the Gout, which by the wrong Application of Medicines, was driven from his Feet to his ' Inward Vital Parts.' And Arthur Yilfvn, [p. 285.] ' Whether our King's C re for his Grand- Children, or the hazard and danger of his own ' Perlon at home, or whether his full Feeding, ' and continual Ufe of fweet Wines, fet the groll ' Humoursa-work, or what other Accident caus'd his Diftemper is uncertain ; but he fell lick or a ' Tertian Ague, which is not dangerous in the Spring, (if we believe the Proverb) and had fome fewFits of it, after which he fell into a Fe- ver, which was too violent for him.' (Nomen tion of his being poifon'd.) t Lord Clarendon's Refle6tion as follows ; ' Af- ter whofe Death, many fcandalous and libellous ' Difcourfes were rais'd, without the lealli Colour ' or Ground ; as appear'd upon the ftri6teft and molt malicious Examination that could be made long after, in a time of licence, when no body ' was afraid of offending Majefty, and when pro- * Rufhwarth, Vol. I. p. Isl. ad Edit, t Htit. Vol. I. p. a®. fêcuting