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74, Mr, NEAL 's II' Vol. of the ' fecuting the higheff Reproaches and Contumelies; againft the Royal Family was very meritorious.' Neal, p. 148. Things were come to fuch a puff, that Gondomar theSpanifh Ambaffador writ to Spain, that there was never morehopes of England. " For " there aremore Prayers (fayshe) ofer'd to the Mo- " u ther, than to the Son of God." * Take Echard's Words in Anfwer ; ' The Mar- ' gulfs of Buckingham in appearance made all thefe ' Removes and Advancements, but in reality molt of ' the Affairs in Church and State, were privately tranfac`led by his Mother; for molt Addreffes ' were firft made to her, and fo convey'd to be ' finith'd by her Son, who generally regarded his ' Pleafure, more than his Profit. Which &.an-dd Gondomar among his other pleafant Stories, to ' write intoSpain, That there was never more hopes of England's returning to Popery than now, for ' there were more Prayers and 0ferings made to the Mother, than to the Son.' I wonder o7Yr Great Hi-, f erian should be guilty of fuch an xH acy, I am unwilling to call it a Blunder. Neal, p. 15°. Ifwe confider him as a King, [King fames] he never did a great or generous Alion, through the Courfe of his Reign. Mr. Neal is toomuch prejudiced, to be admitted as a competent Witnefs in this Cafe, without much better Vouchers than he has hitherto favour'cl . us with. Variety of Inftances might be produced in difproof of his Aíferfion; but at prefent one (hall fake, which he próbably may not think a great or generous ASion, becaufe 'twas done in favour of the Church of 'England. ± ' In the Summer 1604, the Corporation of Rippon in .î'orkfhire petition- ' ed Oieen Anne, for a better Maintenance for the Incumbent of that Parifh. There had formerly Vol. I. P. 593. Tlfon, ,$ 149. p 437. GatsY, p, Gil ?a