Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

6 6 6 6 6 6 6 HiIoryofthe Puritans, examin'd. 85 whereby, according to thejuft Laws ofthis Realm, he hath committed the Offence of High-Treafon ; and yet, neverthelefs, divers of our Subje&s, fe- duced by him, do receive, harbour, and enter- tain him contrary to our Laws, and have thereby incurred, and do incur the Penalty of thofe Laws, which are Capital to the Offenders. We therefore, being juftly provoked by the Boidnefs of the faid Smith, do hereby ftraitly command all our loving Subjcdts, of whatfoever Condition, Qality, or Denomination, that none of them, diredtly or indireEtly, do permit or fuffer him to be concealed or harboured, but that forth- with they arreft and apprehend his Body, and bring him before the next Juflice of Peace, to the place where he thall be apprehended; whom we ftraitly command to commit him to prifon with- out Bail or Mainprize, and prefently thereupon informUs, or our Privy Council, ofhisApprehen- liion. And we do farther declare hereby, That ifany Perlon fhall hereafter, diredfiy or indireEtly, har- bour or conceal the faid Smith, or ufe or connive at any means, whereby the faid Smith may efcape from being apprehended or arrefted ; that then we fhall extend the uttermoft Severity of our Laws againft every fuch Offender. And we further charge and command all and fingular our Judges, Juftices of Peace, Mayors, Sheriffs, Conftables, and all other our Officers, Minifters, and loving Subjedts, that if they thall find any Perfon offending herein hereafter, that then they, and every of them, proceed with all Diligence and Roundnefs, not only againft the faid Smith, but alto againft all fuch as fhall harbour, conceal, or connive at his Concealment, or thall not ufe their belt endeavours for his Difcovery and G. 3 ' A.p -