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86 Mr. N E A L'S II' Vol. of the Apprehenfion, according to the uttermoft Extent ofour Laws.' Given at our Court at Whitehall, the Eleventh Day of December, 1628. Per Ipfum Regem. Neal, Ibid. When the next Parliament petitioned for the removal ofPapifls, from Offices of Truft, it ap- pear'd by a Lill annexed to their Petition, that there were no lets than 59 of the Nobility and Gentry of that 1 eli ion, in the Common. Ru hworth, p.391. I r. Neal mif.akes Rufhwortb, who, in the place referred to, mentions a great Number of the Nobi- lity and Gentry, whofe Wives and Children were of the Romifh Communion, but were not fo them- felves : fo that he will be difficulted to make out his Number of 59 Papïfis, who were in Commiífion, from that place. J eal, p. 168. The Ceremony of ,t-he King's Corona- tion, which was nottill the beginning ofFebruary, was another Expence, which his Majefly thought fit to pro- videfor, &c. The Coronation was performed by Arch bifhop Abbot, of ified by Laud as Dean of Wefl- ïninfler. t ' I illiam Laud Bifhop of St. David's fupplied the room of Dan of Weflminfter.' Neal, Ibid. Who [Laud] befde the old Regalia, which were in his Cufl?ody, that is, the Crown, the Sceptre, the Spurs, &c. ofKing Edward the Confeffor, brought forth an old Crucifix, and placed it upon the 4ttar. This was an Obje.âion madeat hisTrial, to which he returned the following Anfwer 1 ; ' My Prede- Rufhmorth, Vol. I. p 391, &c. .- Orig. MSS. made ufe ofby BiihopLaud at the coronation, MSS ' zo. Sc.John's Library. Cambridge, N° 12, See likewife hi Diary, p. S. if Trial and Troubles, p. 31 8. ceífor