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Sence ofneceffiiyofChrlJt. neffe upon the fervice of the fonne ; true feare ever makes the Lords fervants fubjeet, and ferviceable to Chrift Ie£us : I will xput my feare into their hearts (faith the Lord) and they Aall not depart from me ; they thall not depart from my knowledge by ignorance, from my promifes by unbe- liefe, from my precepts by difobedience, from my covenant by unfaithfulneffe, nor from my wora`hip byprophaneneffe. Such as doe not truly and throughly apply themfelves to Chrifts fervice, are prophanely feareleffe. A fervants true and ingenuous feare makes him labour his Mailers welfare, the matrimoniali feare of a wifemovesher to defire, and endea- y A . t, 4;. your her husbandshonour : y flare came upon every foule (faith S.Luke) and what followed thereupon, Ail they that 6eleeved were together ; there is their unity in aff_c`tion in divine in- vocation , They fold their poffefonr and goods , and parted them to all men, as every man had need. There is their com- munication to Chrifts members, their putting of them- felves and their abilities upon Chrifts fervice. He that truly feares Chrift will withhold nothing which may tend to the exaltationof Chrift, his Church, and Gofpell. 3. Lively fence and feeling of, the neceffity of Chrift and hù na{ Clofpell. Mens exaltation of Chrift. is according to their rho t. of apprehenfion of the neceffity of Chrift. When Elders t Iudg.1}i.xi, of Gilead faw the necefiity they had -of '7epth , tl n z they .made him head and Captain over them. When men fee, and feele the want of Chrift, the perill of their eflate without Chrift, then they put themfelves under Chrift, then they exalt and magnifie Chrift, then they labour the fetting up of Chrift and his Gofpell. Sence of fickneff°,famine,fiege, bondage, makes phyftcke, food, an army, a ranfomer very precious ; Phyfitians were of great efteeme with the wo- man troubled with a fluxe of bloud, íhe fpent all her fub- ffance upon them ; Chrift and his Gofpell are of great Mar S. price with the man to whom finne is a torment, a griefe, a trouble, he will withhold nothing which may tend to the exaltation of Chriff and his Gofpell, to the working out, and removing of the finne which doth moleft him. When f ofephs brethren were in want , and had no bread h to i