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C¡srifls ability to ntiniffer falvtation. weaknefle to the power of' Chrift Jefus. Such is the tran- fcendent fulnetfe of Chrifts abilities, that he turnes the in- ftrun:ents of mans deftrutaion, to further mans falvation; this calling, preparation, and million of Chrift, was pro- phecyed by the Pfalinift, His dominion a /hall be from fea to 4 pfal.7 z. fea, andfrom the river unto the ends of the earth. There is Chrifts univetfall jurisdiction and kingdome over men of every nation : I will give thee (faith the Lord by the Pro- phet, fora b Covenant of the 'jieople, a light of the gentiles. b 6. 'I here is Chrifts ordination to be the publifher of theCo- venant ofpeace, the Author ofreconciliation between God and man, the revealer of the myfteryof mans falvation,and cthe Spirit of the Lord (faith the Prophet in the perfon of S Ifa.6.t. Chrift) is upon me, and he bath anointed me to preach glad tidings to the meeke : There is the calling, the preparation, unetion , and full furnifhing of Chrift with all abilities to execute his Mediatory office ; and in this refpeaChrift is fometimes termed by the Prophets a d fervant for his cal- dI1'.4Z.z. ling and obedience to his fathers will , an e Angell for his e Mal. ;.i. million being fent ofGod, and for his publication of the tydings of falvation ; a f flame , a tryed {tone, a precious f corner [tone, a Eure foundation, for his strength to fuftaine them that are built upon him ; a noble g Ruler for his fa- g Ier ;o. z x. cred prefcription, and gracious adminiration of Gods Church andkingdome ; ahfountain for his efficacy topurge b Zich.i 3 t. out firme, and for his fulneffe to fatisfie the thirfty foules of all Weevers ; a ' inn of righteoufnefe for the fulnefe of s Mal.4.t. the light of knowledge and comfort which he difpenfeth, and for his bleffcd influence into the foules ofhis fervants : The Sunne dóth not Thine more clearly in the ftarres, then the authority and ability of the Sunne of righteoufheffe to fave us, doth thine in thefe Prophetical! predictions ; and this calling, million, full and through preparationofChrift to this office of mediation between God and man, is plain- ly declared by the Evangelifts and Apgftles. Saint c 2Wa- thew fpeaks of Chrift, as of a k Shepheard fent to gather the fheep which are loft. Saint Marke, as ofanEm6aJador Pent with tydings of peace, as of' an heire fent to rule over K4 us, k Mat.$1.14. Mar.ç 37