Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

I 26 Carnality and6afenef f'eof (Mans owneends.. andfeeler in his owne f efb, in his owneaf feliions, ends Andcoup- fell : He fees there is an emptineffe in himfelfe, that his rRom.7 is. !owne flefh is an rmmpty hoof, wherein dwelled] no good, ¡zCor,3. q, land wherein is f no fufficieney to the performance of any good duty ; he fees that his owne heart is a Çity full of t Ier. 17.9 treafon, t deceitfull above meafure, and not to be trufted ; he uRom.7.z3. feeles a ulaw in his members, rebelling againft the law of his mind, as Rebeckah felt the twinnes in her wombe ftri- ving the one againft the other; he difcernes that his owne, wifedome is foolish, an empty lamp , a bleare-eye, a falfe' light ; he difcernes that he is brutifh, and hath not the Prov.3o.z. ' w k,noWledge of the holy ; he fees much uncleanncfl. within himfelfe, many fpots in his foule ; he fees that he is like Jacobs flocke, {potty coloured ; like Noahs Arke, wherein 'are many uncleane beafts among the cleave like the field in the parable,. wherein are many teares among the wheat; x Rorr.7. 14 he fees how he is yet in part x carnali, and fold under fin, not fully freed and difcharged from the ftrength and wor- king of finne ; he difcernes an unhappy pronenefíe in his heart, to confult with fle {h and blond, and to propofe bie, and finifter, low, and bafe ends ; and having the fight, fence, and iorrowfull experience of all this ; he denyeshim- felfe, as Jacob having experience of the, Y d.eceitfulneffe of Laban, grew weary oEhim, d.enyed him:his fervice, and went forth from him. Thus a gracious' man having expe- rience of the corruption and deceitfulneffe of his owne heart and flea], growes weary of himfelfe, denyes him- felfe,goes out of himfelfe, commeth unto Chrift, andputs himfelfe wholly under Chrift ; and as the Evangelift fàid of Chrift, that zknoWing what was in man, he would not corn-. mit himfelfe unto man : fo fanaified. man knowing what is in himfelfe, he will not commit himfelfe unto himfelfe,, he will not truft himfelfe with himfelfe, he denyes his owne wifedome, he becomes á a fade in his owne appre- henfion, and Leeks to Chrift to be made wife unto falva- tion ; he looks upon his owne righteoufneffe, as b rotten rages, and comes to Chrift for juftihcation ; he confiders his owne weaktteffe, and comes. to Chrift as the, c Gibe-1 antes y ceri.3 t.7. Ioh. z.o z. azCor.3.t8. b I6.64. s IoL zo.6. -------_._._