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Bent ofagracious Chriflianunto (shrill. I27 smite,% came to JoJbuah, to refcue him from his enemies, he is experienced in the vanity of all other helpers; and there- fore comes to Chill, as the difeafed d woman., whom the Phyfìtians could not cure, that Chrift may heale his fpiri- tuall maladies ; Man is ever fo much the more ftrong, and powerfull in the worke of felf-denyall, by Low much the more clearly he difcerncs the carnality and bafeneffe of his owneheart and counfell. He that knowes how fubjeft he is to mifcarrywhen he leanes upon himfelfe, will readily put himfelfe and all that he bath under Chrift. 2. In regard of the holy , firong , and confiant bent , and inclination of the heart of a gracious Chriflian unto Chrifl: As every thing moves towards its proper centre, and is at no reft untill it comes to that : fo doth the fanc1ified foule incline and move to Chrift, the true centre of the foule , and refteth not untill it comes to Chrift, and bath the fruition of Chrift there is in a gracious foule fuch a principle of grace, fuch a communication of Chrift, fuch a futablenefie between the foule and Chrift, fucha fervent and operative love towards Chrift, fuch a vehement longing af- ter Chrift, that it mightily moves to Chrift as the rivers to the fea ; that nothing but Chrift can anfwer it, quiet and content it ; there is in the foule fuch a bleffed refidence, fuch a powerfull and gracious energy, and operationofthe Spirit of Chrift, that as the e Wheeler in Ezekiel% vifion mo- ved, wherefoever the living creatures moved , becaufe the Spirit of the living creature was in the wheeler : fo the foule moves after Chrift, becaufe the Spirit of Chrift is in the foule ; this makes it É pant after Chrift, as the Hart after the water brookes this makes it g thirfl for Chrift, as thedry ground for waters ; this makes it follow hard af- ter Chrift, as the childe with crycs and teares after the fa- ther going from it ; this makes it cry for Chrift, as Come- times Rachel did for children, O give me Chrift or elfe I dye ; and as DavidAiled, and hisworthies i burfl through the army ofthe Thiliflines for water out of the wels of Bethel : fo the foule thirfting for Chrift , breakes through all the armies of oppofition to come to Chrift, to refrefh N2 it dMar. s 39. t.Holy iácli- tlOa to Chridt. f Pfal.4z. t. g Pfal 63.t,$. b Gen.; oz. i z Sam.z;.t s.