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r28 NothingnefJe ofMan andother things. it (elfe with Christ ; now it denies all, leaves ail, paffeth through all , proffrates it felfe and all that it hath under Chrift, that it may enjoy Chrill , it hates all that hinders its coinming to Christ, and ernbraceth all that may further its communion with Chrif, ftableneffe between tirefoale and Christ, readily denye3and rejeilsalithat hinders the fru- ition of Chrili. uanícyo all 3 In regard of the vanity,nullitv,and:;othingneffi which a gracious man difcerhes in hitnfl if;' and in all things elf without and befide Chtift ; he looks upon hiinfiffe as on k G:ì.rs is, k duff and'ees; he is vile in '.,is °wile ap rehedian, as a '13!.E16 i,d?orme and uo man ; hehumbinaaad !i horreshifllftfe mIob 4x 6_ low the du/l an:T asses ; he 'o ;ks on all 'other shings as Phil.3.8. n' dung anddrofc, and a thing of naught in corn n, t ifa:i' of oP ay.zl.s Christ ; he reputes all things in ref>e of Christ, as /o- p Iudg.9.9. than did: birnelech in refpect of the Sonnes o 3er sbb. al but as a bramble in ref>e4t of the vine, fig-tree, and oli e- tree. ; and havìngfuck a low opinion of himfelfe, and all things elfe ; he. readily denyes himfelfe and all things elf:, q Mat.4,zT,z4, and makes all to vaile and {coop to Chriff ; with q Simon and Andrem they are ready to leave their nets, their ship, and their father, to deny their poffel"iions, and their friends, to put all under Chrift, to leave whatfoever is matt profi- table and deare, according to the ielh fir Chrifrs 'fake, r A& :o.zq. with 'Paul to efteeme their very r life as nothing, that they may glorifie Çhriff,'and Eraifh Chrifts work: 'The more any man doth undervalue himfelfe, and the creature ; the mare he exalteth Christ, the more freely, fully, and readily he pro`tratesall at the feet ofChrift. 4,Ttule of, 4. in regard of the holy, pan'erfsali, and seniverfa!l raigne, Chrift. rule and dominion of Chrld in agracious andfantiifiedJoule Here Chrift teignes as á King in his Throne, as Solemon ¡PfaL7Z.S. reined over the land of Canaan from fea to fea, and from the river to the ends of the earth : fo loth Chrift raigne in a regenerate and gracious foule, from thehigheffto the lowelt faculty thereof,arid from thehead to the fcet,and-frons the higlheft to, the lowett undertaking ofa Chriffian : Hers ItEPh347 Chrift- reignes as a c timelier in his honk; the dweller rules over