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142 q I I.z9, r Prov.3.17. %ZCor.i.rl. t Pfa1,46 4. u pfal 2;.a. 7Jncapablenef f'e ofChriff. as a day of clouds and darkneflc ; they know not that Chrifls yoake is made q cafe through grace , that his wayes are wayes of peace , and his paths paths of' plea- fantneffe; they know not the !icy and rejoicing ari(ng from the having ofour converfation in 6mplictty and godly lin- cerity they fee not the Sun of love that (hines upon the heads ofthe righteous,they drinks not of that t river ofcorn-. forts which refre'heth the city of' the Lord, they feed not upon the Wgreene ',allures, nor tafle of tha frill waters, by which Chrift leadeth and paftureth his flocke ; they never knew the peace, confidence, fecurity,fatisfaaion, fatèty and glory derived to the foule from the participation of Chrift, and therefore they will not put their neckes under Chritls yoakc. Evils arifing from want ofSelf-denyall I . Vncapable- nes ofChlift. R0m7.3,4 CHAP. VI, I F you demand what the evils arewhich attend the want of felf-denyall, and full and through fuhjeC}ion unto Chrift : I anfwer, hence arife thefe evils and great inconveni- ences to the foulesofinen. I. Vncapa6lenef e ofClrrifl : The full veí%ll is uncapable of other liquor, the full houle is uncapable ofanother dwel- ler, the full foule, the foule which doth not deny it f Ife, which is not emptied ofall felf-fu(lìciency , is uncapable of' Chrift, as long faith the Apoflle , \V as the husband li- veth, the wife is bound to the law of her husband, and the cannot marry another, when her husband is dead the is free to marry whom the will : As long as the creature liveth, as loaf; as opinion of felf-futficiency or any other Tuft loth live, and beare fway in the heart of man ; Man 1 is bound to the law of the creature, and his owne luit, he is under the power and authority of the creature, and his