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a enatien fromChriftscomforts. 14; lust , and he cannot marry his foule to`Chrit ; but if the creature be dead, if the world be x crucified unto him, and he to the world, if he bath crucified the flefh with the af- G Pa*. fedions thereof, then he is freeto marry himfelfe toChrift, then he is capable of Chrift. Chrift bath no gracious be- ing where there is no true and through felf-denyall ; that foule alone which is truly humble is Chrifts dwel- ling. a. Alienation a. Alienation and effrangement from all the benefits and from the ben°- comfrts flowing from Chris`. The Subject which exalts fits and com- himfclfe, and denyes obedience to his Soveraigne, deprives forts of thrill. .himfelfe of all the prerogatives which the King grantsun- to his loyall people : He that exalts himfelfe with an opi- nion of his owne worth, or lets up the creature in the roome of Chrift, and will not vaile and bow to Chrift, excludes himfelfe from all the comforts of Chrift : He is eftranged from the knowledge of Chrift, as a dif:afed eye from the light cf the Sunne, from the love of Chrift, as a harlot from the love of her husband, from the Y faith ofy Ioh.5.44 Chrift , as the houle builded upon the fand was eftranged from the rocke, from the communion and feliowfhip of Chrift, as 7oab exalting Adoniah into the Throne, was ex- cluded from communion with ¡Solomon : (o man exalting t r King.i. the creature, or any lull into the heart , the Throne of Chrift lofeth all communion with Chrift ; he that denyes not himfelfe receives nothing of Chrift, he receives not Chrift as a 'Prophet inftruFting, he is Rill in darknefe and in the (Ladow ofdeath, he receives not Chrift as a King, to raigne and rule over him, he feeles nothingofChrifts kingdome within him , he receives not Chrift as aPrieft ; he knowes not the verme of Chrifts death in the death of his finne, he is (till in his finne without juftification. eAdam preferring the perfwauion of his wife, above the commandement of God, loft all his cornniunion a LA. i4.:5, with God, and was excluded from the Tree of Life. Man exalting any thing a above Chrift excludes himfelfe from firnprinelíe God and Chrift. and bailor/n(5 3. Vanity, emptineffe,ballowaefe ofprofeon of Chrift, and ofprotrflion. 0 2 atten-