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ç,Abatcment under the creature, 6 s Pct.;. 6 1...Annihilatit; ofthefruit of I Chrias death. I .Abafement under the Creature, attendance upon the ordinances. The profeffion of Chriff without felfdenyall, and full fubjeaion under Chrift, is nothing worth ; a tree of leaves without fruit, like that in the Gofpell, whofe end was accurfed. 7o4b exaltingAdo_ male fled in vaine to the homes of the Altar, he was there Elaine ; Man exalting himfelfe , or any thing elfe above Chrifl, oyes in vaine to the ordinances of God, to theout- ward profeflìon of Chriff ; Herods hearing the Baptifl, and doing many things, flood him in no (lead, exalting Hero- di.0 in his heart ; the 'Philiflines exalting `Dagon, had no benefit by the Arke , they were the more plagued for the prefnce ofit. Mares very profelfîon of Chrif turnes to the increafe of his, condemnation, not throughly fubjecting him- fclfe toChrifis dominion 4. SasbieHion, abaliment, and tbraldome under thecreature, and bit orme finfull A.A. They that dreame of liberty by re- fu(ìng tó take the yoake of Chrifl upon them, in head of frcedouie meet with thraldeme : The Apo(tle faith offalfc Prophets while they pro rife others liberty , themfelves are the b fervants of corruption ; f,rch fálfc -'rophets are thefe inca to their owne fvules, for whiles they proinifì themfelves liberty, they make themfelves the fcrvants of the creature, and of their owne lulls, for of Whom a man it overcome of the fame is he brought in bondage. The Lord fomeri ie threatened Ifrael, becaufe, they would not /erde him, they J ouldferve their enensies; they that deny holy and cheerfull fervice to the Lord JJefus, make themfeives mi- ferable and wretched (laves to the creatures , and many I bafe afEiiions, ; Man ever makes that a Lord and Mailer over him, which he will not deny tomake himfeife Chrííls ferrant ; the fervicb, of ChrifI is fpirituall freedome the denyall of obedience to Chril1 is accurfed thral- dome . g...44nihilation of the fruit and benefit of (krill.). death. A ranforne is paid in vaine for him that will not put off his fetters, and come forthof the houfe of bondage: Chrifls death without felf-denyall is no way beneficiall ; he that f puts not off. his lofts as fetters, and comes off from the! work;i