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evilsof scant of Self -denyall. 145 world as from a houfe ofbondage, bath no benefit by the ranfome which Chrift hath given : For this e end (faith Saint Paul) bath (krill dyed, that we that live _Mould liveno mereunto our fllves butunto (shrift Whodied for us. 6. Deprivation of the heavenly fruit, and foule-refrefing I comfort of the ordinances of God, and labours of rods Mini - I ßers. lhe referving of one tnoate in the eye, fruftrates the fhining of the Sunne ; the allowing of thornes in the field makes the fowing of the feed fruitleffe ; the Word, Sa- crament , Minifftrs can doe you no good, unleffe youwill deny your felves , and refsgne your felves wholly unto Chrifl ; d yonah being kept in the fbip, the mariners row- ed in vaine, they could net bring the fhip to thefhoare ; without anuniverfall felf - denyall , the /signifier cannot bring the foule to Chrift,he cannot wave and werke it into theha- ven ofeverlafting peace. 7. The lofe which attends the want ofPelf- denyall andfub- ielion unto Chrift. Achan exalted the golden wedge and Babylonifh garment in his heart, and thereby lufed both that and all his fubftance with his life ; Adam overprized the fruit of the forbidden tree, and eat of it againft Gods precept, and thereby loft both the tree and all the garden. That which man gaines with Chrifts dishonour, andwith the negle& of Chrift, proves mans greatefl lofle ; foule- lofing is the fruit of felf- feeking ; they that feelle their owne things, and not the things which are Jcfus arias, lofe both their owne things, and the things which are Jefus Chrifts. He (faith Chrift) that Will fave his life, that is, by denying Chrift, by preferring man above Chrift , that man fhall lofe his life : fo he that will fave his goods, his credit, his peace among men, with the negle&of Chrift, by fhunning the croffe of Chrift ; that man fhall lofe hit goods, the comfort of them, he 'hall eat the bread of for- rolWes; he (hall lofe his credit, with men, he (hall be a {lave to men, he fhall be reputed vile in the eyes of men, they fhall no rjiore efteemehim then the High-Prieffs did yam. : He (hall lofe his peace with men, who will truft him, or have communion with him , that proves unfaithful) to 0 3 his C Zc4r.s,tr. 6. Deprivation of the fruit of Gods Ordi- nances. dIor.ah t. y.Laffes wai- tirg on the war,t of (elf. deutall,