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rgá Apoftacy, reieéi<ion, his God ; in the midit of his f effiiciency he /hall beltsftr 3 every bind of the Wicked lbstl be von hies a»d all Jar aef^e fha!l be hid in ha fecret places, everlaaìng, confu'ian íh111 be his last portion : The gain. of all as a very feárefull loffe tohun that for gaine doth lofe Christ : He'thitfor world- lÿ honoars, and outward riches denies and 10f-es the Lord 3efus, is the'tno_t poore, bai, and contemptible of all per- eN4ar.9.34z35 foils. 8,Apettacy 8 elpoftacy (grape/in a - -lay from Chrift. He that can_ fromChril not throughly deny hinfelf; and all things elfe for Chris, he will never hold out with Chrift ; he will fall a lulling after his old wayes, as the Ifiaelites did after the oayons and garlicke of Egypt, retaining í1il1 his corrupt and car- nall nature, he will retorne like the fow to bis Wallow- ing in the mire ; when trouble and afflk ion comes, he will repine and with himfif in his former .hate, as the I fraelites repined at the red Sea, and wifhed theyhad tar- ried in Egypt : He that began to build it .tip parable,. and coufidered not the colt before hand leftotwith fhame He that takes upon him the prof.ífìon of Chrift, and con- fiders not what it will colt him, refolves not to deny all, to leave all, to fiff_r all , and to content himfelfe with (thrift alone, can never hold out with Chrift to the end: A hoiff of unfound feet may travell well a few miles, hut at length his feet Rile him , and he can travell no fur-, ther ; a rotten veffeli may row fpeedily upon the Seas for fogne honres, but as foone as a ítorme arifeth the fhip keth :: Thus man of a rotten and unfound heart may make a glorious profetfìon, be very zealous for a feafon, but not floh,e.66. having throughly delayed bitnfelte, hefaints and ffats away, Luk 14 2:3. he makes fhipwracke of faith and a good confcience at mar. cç. a. length 9.í hrifis reje- 9. Chri denyall, and rejetliOn of _Inch as will not deny Etionof fuch themfeives for him and hie fake : He (faith Chrift) that fhall deny me before men, him will I deny before my Father Which ù--in Heaven. He that fhall deny Chrift ih his Go s ell, refuting to attend and embrace it ; in his Minfrers refuting them and flick doc`1<rines in his members, deny- ing