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Superfiitious Self -denyall. 171 1. By denying himfelfe fuperflitioufly. Thus many deny i s pctittú reft, food, and liberty neceflary, lawful!, and allowed ; euí'Y. whipping, fcourging, macerating,pinching,and even ftarving their owne flefh>denying then-delves the ufe offuch creatures, as God bath ordained and provided for the comfort and fupportment ofhis fervanrs. God hath made man fubordinate I Lordover the works of his bands , and hath put all things un- b' 7' der hi, feet, aft [beep and oxen, and the beafts of the field, the Fowles of the ayre, and the fifhes of the fea. f° Every l 'n,TiT.4 .i,i creature of god (faith the Apoftle) is good, and nothing to be refufcd, if it be received with thanksgiving, for it is fan - dified by the word of God and prayer ; yet many in their fuperftition deny themfelves the free and Chriftian ufe of the creature, placing their Religion and feif- denyall in ab- ftinence from force forts of creatures. This is a law of Antichrift; mentioned by Saint Paul, forbidding to marry, and commanding toabs`taine from meats which God hathcre- ated tobe received with thanksgiving. Such Pelf- deniers are none of Chrifts, but Antichrifls fubje(fts. Men placing their feif-denyall in the obfrvation of humane inventions, are farre from denying their owne corrupt and carnal! lufls and aff:E ions ; they that make tradition the rule of their Religion, are firre from fpirituall and true mortification, zealous obfervers of humanedevif s in [lead of denying them- felves, deny the Lord Jefas : Of fuck therefore the Apoftle teitifîes , that they are ° vainly puff up in their fief!ly mind, 031.0,.,83,9 and not holding the head which is Chrift , and rebuking their fuperftitiíon as repugnant to Chrifts death , he faith, zo. wherefore if ye be dead with Chrift from the rudiments of the world , why as though living in the world are ye 2.1. fubjeti to ordinances (touch not , tafle not , handle not, 2z. which all are to perish with the ufing) after thecomman- dements and dadrines of men. This is the fuperlfitious mans felf- denyall. 2. By denying himfelfe covetoufly. Many out of an im- x.Covetoufty, moderate delire after earthly riches, and inordinate love to the world, deny thamfIves bodily reif, o rjang up early, pfal, t z7, a. and fitting up late, and eating the bread offarrows; they de- i t ny