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172 p Ecc1,60,1, ;.Partially. qx King lo, r r Sain if. Mar.6. CovetottcAndpartial!Selfdenyall. ny themflves neceffary food and raymcnt, they travell un- der their worldly abundance, as a galled boricunder a heavy burthen ; they Want nothing ofall their forties defare, yet god pgives them not power to ear thereof This is the miferable worldlings humility and felf-denyall, and in this he is ready to pleafe and applaude himfelfe ; this man indeed abafeth himfelfe below the dufc , but he doth not humble himfelfe under Chrift ; he makes himfelfe the drudge and (lave of worldlydungand droffee, he makes not himfelfe the fervant of ChrifE. 3. By denying himfelfe partially. He denyes force, but not all his lulls ; he walks in force, but not in all the or- dinances ofGod. yehu denyed Baals Priefls, he q put them to death, but he allowed the calves in Danand Bethel. Saul denyed himfelfe in the refufe of the Amalekitilh fluffe, he de:greyed the r refufe, but he denyed not himfelfe in the blea- ting fheep, and lowing oxen, he fpared them ; Herod de- nyed himfelfe in many things, he heard the Baptift glad, and didmany things, but he denyed not himfelfe in Hero_ digs, he continued his inceft. He that denyes not himfelfe in all things, truly denyes himfelfe in nothing ; he that allowes himfelfe under the power of one finne , rd farce from ChriJl, farre from the knoWledge of Chrift ; as he that allowes one moate in his eyo is farre from the cicare and comfortable fight of the Sumac ; far from the life of Chriff, and health of grace, as he that allowes himfelfe in one dif- cafe is farre from health of body, farre from the love of ChrifI , as the woman which allowes one $range lover in her bofome, is farre from the love of her husband ; he is farre from the way to life, as he that keeps himfelfe, and travels on in one falfe way, is farre from his right path; farre from all intereff in Gods promifes, as he that breakes one Covenant and condition of his Leafe, bath forfeited his whole Leafe; and farre from ljirittcalí liberty and free- dome , as he that is fettered with one thong chaine, is farre from bodily freedome ; he that denyes not all fìnne, denyes none as it is finne ; hypocritical!, miferable, deceit- full is their felf- denyall, which is partial!, and halt likegrad between