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Confirainedandhypocritieall Self_denyall. 173_ betweenGod and Baal, between vertue and vice, between the earth and heaven, (till abiding under the power offin, without either trueh or perfedic n in grace. By deny ing hitnflfe Cònfirainecly ; Not for love, but 4 Confc ai- for feare ; not for the hatred of finne, but for the fenceof KAY, tnif:ry attending finne as the dog denycs himfelfe his meat when he is ficke, and the Sow denyes her wallow- ing in the mire by reafon of the coldneire of the weather. Lord faith the Prophet , in trouble have they f vifleed thee; they powred out a prayer when thy chaftening was upon f IC1.26.16. them. When the hand of God is heavy upon them, they walke humbly, they deny themfelves their former carnali . contentments ; with the Mariners they caft out fonah in the (forme : This is the affn?ced mans f 1£denyall, a de- Ionzh z. nyall not fpringing from any principle of grace, but fore't upon the foule, not arifing from any hatred of finne, but from the puni!hment of' finne : As Mariners ceafefrom the Sea,, and lye faft in the haven, while the (forages !aft , but as foone as the weather is calme, they put themfelves forth again- : Thus many when the [forme is up, when their faules are toffed with the tempe[t of trouble, they ceafe from their worldly and carnali wayes ; but as foone as their e[iate is eleare and calme againe, they returne to their for- mer trade and pradifeof fin : Conftrained denyall is neither cordiali nor perpetual!, 5. By denying hunfelfe hypocritically; feeming to others to deny himfelfe, when yet indecd he doth not ; as Ahab c",14,': ocric . !put cff his Kings roabes, and difguifed himfelfe, and went into the batten as a common man, when yet he A as in- deed the King of Ifrael : Thus many difguife themfelves, enter the profeilion of Chrift, as if they were hum'cle and mortified mm ; when yet they are Kings for their pride, felt conceit, and high opinion of their owne worth, their change is onely in appearance, not in truth ; outwardly thy have jleeps cloathing, the Phew of fandity, humility, and felf- denyall, inwardly they are ravening. Wolves: Though they t Ma°7`i5 know themfelves to have-, Lyons teeth, yet like the Locu[ts in the Revelation, they put on the haire of a woman, and ' u Rev.u. i _ Q the