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174 Sin; andvain-gloriousStlf-denyall. the face of a man ; they pretend much love to God, much curtefìe, and kindneff unto man , and yet they truly love w Ira. ms73. neither God nor man, they draw « nigh with their lip, but their heart is farre from God ; they faft from bodily food Luk. i8. with thePharifees, but they feaft and feed their foules with pride; they hang doWne their heads with them in the Pro- phet like a buiruth, but. their hearts Rand upright, thefe are nothing humbled ; their denyall is not cordial', fincere and true, it is onely fuperficiall, formali , and Teeming, as the Devil' appeared in the likenefl of Samrsel, but was not Sa- muell: fo thefe appeare in the likenefTe of penitent, morti- fied, humble.,men, men dead to the world, yet in truth they Iam.r. are.not fo ; therefore the Apoftle faith of filch, they fleme to be religious : As a painted man feemes to be a man, and yet is no man but a rotten poft ; as an exhalation f;emes to be a bright and fhining Starre, and yet is no Starre, but Prov.iç.7. a vanithing vapor ; as he in Solomon made himfelf rich , and yet had nothing : Of fuch our Saviour faith, they ap- x Y1at.23.2.7, peare x righteous before men : As whited fepulchers appeare za. beautifull outward, but are within full of deadmens bones, and of all uncleanneffe ; as Ixion in the fable embraced a cloud in Head of24no ; fo many under the Gofpell take the 4aadow in ftead of the fubllanceoffelf-denyall. 6 Sin[ erly 6. By denying hitnfelfe Siniflerly and politickely, tode- ceive others, to infinuate himfelfe into others, toaccomplii--h Tome earthly project with the more facility. As the Gibe- ) lof.9 13,,t ;. unites came to folbanah with" r old /baoes, and old garments, and rent bottles, as if they had come a long journey, and thus politickely drew 20/72nah to make a league with them In like fxt many pret._nd felf- denyall, mortification , the putting off the old main, to procure the favour ofGods fer-- vants, to increafe their worldly profits, to accomplish their ovine (biller ends oftentimes men bring about, and finish molt -rnifchiev.ous .defìynes and enterprifcs wider a pretence of godlin fit, mortification, humility, and rneekrief' : ii- mean and Levi cloake the mafficring of the Siehemites with' the confcience of Circus cifion ; Herod intending to kill c t +ai.aa's. Chrill, pretends the worlhip of Chrift ; Ieta6el plotting the Í Ir'5 0=^34:0 ç