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Iq. 1 Communion With god by Chrif.' it, Chrift the Prince of peace, for the parties receiving it, the children of peace, and for the fruit ofit, fpiritualland heavenly grace. S'uLeefreUm," In regard of that blejfed , and foule_refelhing Com- Comrriunioii 'minion Which wee attain with God through Chrift cos_ with God. ming in the Gofpell. jtofephs brethren were brought nigh to the King of' Egypt by lofeph : Man is brought nth to God by Chrift, Chrift preached in the Gofpell, is like ',cobs ladder, by him God defcendeth unto us, and through him we afcend unto God, the Arlie was an affurance of Gods pretence among thepeople, and God dwelled there : Where Chrift is preached in the Gofpell, there God is in mercy e Pfal.76.2 prefent with his people, there is the Lords dwelling , in e Salemù hiss Tabernacle,and his dwelling place inZion ; I n the Gofpell men are regenerate, and made the children of God, men are humbled, and made loyal' Subjetis to God, men are endowed with faith wrought into Gods Covenant, 'and fPph.i.rcolor made the friends of' God : Men are feparated from the chriflus nofter,ut peril. world, and gathered home. to God, and made the f1eep of Sum videamus his pafture, fo that now they have communion with him, patrem,ipfe vox as children with a father , as favourites with a King, , as noßra per quam fchollers with a teacher , as the members of a houfe with loquamuradFa the tnafter of the houfe. Now they are made {nigh ,trem, ipfdex- through Chrift nigh in knowledge, nigh in faith, nigh ó Dejc ficiu in love, nigh in lienefte, nigh in conformity and obei- uf rum o fora- once, nigh in the participations of fpirituall comforts, and mut, quo nifl in the enjoyment of the light ofGods countenance, very intercedëte, nee pleafant and comfortable is a gracious foules communion nobie,nec [5efu with God in the Gofpell Chrift is moff worthy of all quicgaa nsum p y Deo eft. Ambr, acceptation for that communion which wehave with God through him. CHAP.