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Vnfenf:6leneffe of Ora 19 refufeth Chrift, his foule takes no pleafure in Chrift, Ì 3. Vnfenfibleneffe of Chrift ; they have no feeling of Í ;ynfnCible= Chrift within them, the Apoftle faith they are r paft feeling, kh.q,'9. they are pail the feeling of their finne , as a dead body is paft the feeling of the difeafe, they are pall the feeling of the flame of fin, as a common harlot bath caft o f all mo- .deity, is even degenerated from her fexe, and takesno fhaine of her whoredomes, they have no feelingof the iudgements I`r 33 of God denounced againft them, they fleep in the milt of thefè , as lonah did in the ftorme , they take no notice of them, they have no feeling of the workings, bitings, and convulfions of an accufng and condemning confcience ; their confciences are like a mauve fallen afleep after long and much barking ; like flethfeared with a hot yron ; their fence and feeling is gone, they are alienated from the life of Cod, dead and have no feeling of the lifeof Chrift, Chrift doth not live in them ; they are blind, and have no feeling of the avifedome and knowledge which commeth Ioh.i.q, from Chrift, as a blind man bath no feeling of the light which commeth from the Sunne ; they are deafe and have no feeling of the fweet and comfortable voice of Chrift in the Gofpell, any more then a deafe man feeles the fweet found ofa niuticall instrument ; their pallates are diftem- pered, and they cannot talte the fweetnefle of Chrift, they loath him as the full ftomacke the honey- combe ; he is unfavoury to them as the Manna to the Ifraelites ; as fome- times the pottage were to the Prophets children, hefecins to them a pot of death, the very favour ofdeath unto death; they feele not the neccflity of Chrift, as of a quickner to enliven them, as of a guide to direst diem, as of a farety to pay their debt for them, as of a ranfomer to free them out of prifon, as of a fountaine to replenifh and fill them. and being thus unfènfible of Chrift, they cannot rejoycein the comming of Chrift ; the Ifraelites rejoyced not in c.Mofes coniming to them, but refuted him before they felt the cruelty of the taske-matters which pharaoh let over them, and the weight ofthe burthens which he laid upon them. Hée that is void of the fence of his owne corrun- D 2 tien, e