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titanseftate without Chrift. ling nature'of the creature without Chrift, let us readily, willingly , joyfully , and thankfully receive and embrace Chrift, that our foules may be freed, fancetified , and filled with all faving graces, and heavenly comforts. Experience of the vanity, trouble, bondage, and evilswhich attend the naked having of the creatures, fhould marvelloufly endeare u tous the Lord Iefus, and make his comming in the Gofpell I furpaflingly tweet and welcome. 2. Let us through'', view and confider the ftateofmanzvith- aThrogh view one Clrift : Man not receiving Chrift in the Gofpell, bath of mans eitate no "irituall life, but is dead in finnes, as the body-is dead r without Chrifì without the foule he bath noJawing knowledge , but is in fpirituall bhndncffe, as he that is without the Sunne is in darkneffe ; he hath no heavenly gift or grace, but is empty ofall the fruits of the Spirit, as the branch which is fepa- rated from the vine, bath neither' juice nor fruit ; hehath no Chriftian liberty, or freedcme, but is a bondman to (in, Satan, and the world, as Peter lay in Herods prifon, in fet- ters, and under the cuftody of the fouldiers before the An- gell came and freed him ; he bath no interelt in Gods pro- miles , but as Adam was [hut out of the narddn'of Eden, fo is man (hut ow of Cods Covenant, Cods prcmif s. are 2Cort.zo. a foaled well whereof his foule drinks not ; he bath no garment of righteoufncfle to cover hirn, no jezvell of grace to adorne him, no ff iritteall trey ure to enrich him , but is paare, blind, naked, mileraule, and wretched : As the Egyp- tians were led away by the King ofAffyria, prifoners,cap- ,ICa.zo,4. fives, na4'ed, z barefoot With their buttoc uncovered to the ¡home of 'Egypt : fo man without Chill is led away by the prince of darkneffe, a fpirituall prifoner, and captive, his fouir bare, naked, uncovered to the fhame of mankind ; he bath no holy and heavenly peace, tut as the Difciples were tcffed upon the tempeft till Chrift calmed the wa- ters, fo is man like the troubled fea, when it cannot reft, whole i waters caft up mire and dirt, untill Chrift mi- aIra %7.2o. nifters comfort. Man without Chrift is like a blind travel- ler that bath no guide to leade him; like a deadman in the grave, putrifying in firm, having none to raife him ; like G 2 an 43