Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

44 Godapprehended without Chris? terrible. an empty ciffierne having no fountaine to fill him ; like a bondman having no ranfomer to free him, like a women in travel/, having no midwife to help her, lit a 'beep in the milft ofwolves, having no fl-iepheard to conduct and defend it, and like a be ieged City in the midst of many enemies, having no wall to proted it, no captaine to fight for it: Miferable is mans condition that receives not Chrift inth: Gofpell ; did man know and feele his unhappineffe with- out Chrift, he would never be fo regardleff: ofChrift, ne.. ver fo carelefly let Chrift paffe, but would meet Chrift where he cornmeth in his word, as the blind men went . out, and flood by the high-way fide where Chrift Was to pzffé, and cry after Chrift as they did ; as the woman ofShunem hafted to the Prophet for the railing of her dead fon, and laid hold upon the Prophets feet , and would not let him. goe, until/ he came with her, and Êaifed her forme againe to life fo would than haften unto Chrift, lay hold upon Chrift in the Gofpell, and bring Chrift home into his heart, he would be at no ref} untill Chrifl had raild, freed, pur- ged, and comforted his dead, captived, polluted, and corn- fortleffe foule : He would as joyfully entertaine Chrtfts comming in his Gofpell to free him from the power ofhis corruptions, as ever the Gibeonites gladly entertained Io- fbuah contruing to refcue them from the Amoritifh Prin- ces ; it is mans unfenuiblenef e of the n:ifery of his owne condition, that caufeth Chrilts comming to bee unwel- come. Mlana app:c_ 3. Meditate the f ules appreh.nfien of Cod without Chrifl: hen(onotGod God, who to the foulas of them-that favingly embrace without Chnft Chrift, is looked on, rejoyced, and delighted in, as a father terrible. for his love, as a gracious King for his mercies, as a Pure . and fweet friend for his comforts, as a loving husband for his amiable and foule-refrefhing prcfrace, as a fhield for the defence, as a rocke for the fpportment, and as a fullfoun-. tame for the iatisfaftion which he miniftreth : Thisthrice blcffd and gracious God is apprehended , conlidered and lookt upon, by him that dotti not embraceChrift in the Gof- pell ; as a fevere fudge to condemn,: him, as an enemy fill. of