Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

Benefits ofreceiving Chrift. Chrifl gives fatùfaaion. 49 he fends them water out of the hard and (}ony rocke, he gives them honey out of the belly of Lyons, Meat out of the Eater, and fweet out of the fowre, he makes them ímg in prifon, he makes them glory in tribulation, he turnes the fiery furnace into a Paradife, he fo takes away the evill of afilietion that it doth no more harme them , then Nehu-' chadnezzars fire did the three children ; his affliction that enjoyes Chrift in the Gofpell, is more pleafant and joy- ous then the carnali mans peace that (huts his heart againft Chrift, peace without Chrift is full of trouble, trouble with Chrift is full of confolation. 8. Chrift received in the Gof- B.Comfort. Pell giveth comforts holy, fweet, and fore comfort. In the Arke was the pot of Manna, in Chrift is the treafure of all true comfort. Chrift in the Gofpell makes a feaft-for his faithfill receivers, a feaft of .fat things, of Wines on the lees, ' Ifa,ií e. offat things full of marrow , of wines on the lees well re- fined : Of all comforts Inch have molt fulnefie and fweet nefle as dre miniftred by Chrift Jefus, all others like lobs friends prove miferable Comforters, if Chrift doth not com- fort us ; Chrift received in the Gofpell comforteth the fouler of his fervants, as a nurfe her children feeding them, as a Phyfitian his patients healing them, as a merciful' King his delinquent, and humbled fubjees, pardoning them, as a teacher his fchollers, filling themwithheavenly wifedome, as a Bridegroome his Bride , !peaking gracioufly to them, making them fenfible of his love towards them, repleni- fhing them with Piro, rand everlafling confolation ; his I He6.6,o . eftate is ofall mens the molt joyfull, who hath the molt 2 J hcfa.rb. full and fweet enjoyment of Chrift in the Gofpell. Per- plexities, diftraIions, and convulfions of foule and confci- ence are infillible attendants of the neglec} and refidall ,of Chrift I efus, he that (huts his eyes againft the Sun abides in darkneffe, he that (huts his heart againft Chrift abides in heavineffe. 9. Chrift received in the Gofpell giveth fa- 9.Satistanior, tUfatlion : The Sunne fatisfieth the eye with light, the fountaine fatisfieth the thirfty with water, the pearle fa- tisfied the Merchant in the parable with treafure, Chrift in the Gofpell fatisfieth the foule with wifedome in the under. Iì franding,