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TO. Abiding fbb6tance. q Hot 26i9. rloh,i3.i. Rom.i t. 296 Ioh.;,g, I0h.4, a4, Chri>rfgives fatisfi5 ion andan abiding fubflance. ftanding, with holy and fweet meditations in the mind, with the. fence of his love in the heart, with the treafure of fpirituall gifts in the affeé}ions, with fure and bleffrd peace in the confcience. He that rightly poffe(«:th Chrift in the Gofpell, may fay as lacob did, Ihave enough. Chrift in the Gofpell is a living fpring, he that drinks of him (hall thirft no more :.He is an al-fu(ficient portion to them that enjoy him ; he that feeks contentation with the neg- left of Ch -ift in his Gofpell, feekes for water to quench his thirft in a broken cefterne : The foule is reftle(f:, and never truly contented untill Chrift is enjoyed the houfe without the husband feemes an empty place to the wife; the world without Chrift proves an empty thing to the foule. a o, Chrift received in the Gofpell is anabidingfub fiance to the foule, he is an 9 everlafting father, he will ne- ver forget us, he is a husband rfor ever, he will never ceafe to love us, he is a faithfull friend loving f at all times, his love is a Sunne that knower no fitting, his gifts are With- out repentance, his grace an immortall feed that never dyes, a well-fpring fpringing up to life everlafting : All that is without Chrift is full of vanity andchanges, only Chrift isapoffeilion of everlafiing continuance, the meditation of all which fhould fweetly allure and draw us, gracioufly dif- pofe and frame us, and mightily perfwade, and move usto give Chrift a joyfull welcomcomming to us in his Gof- pell. 6. Farening our frequent andmoi prim.; thoughts upen the brevity andvanity ofthe life of man. Man bath no abiding City here, he flourifheth like lonahs gourd in an evening , and- is finitten and withered in the morning ; Death like the waters of the red fea drownes all ouely Chrift makes a fafe pau1ige through death, for his Ifrael, for all that re- ceive him ; the Arke divided Iordan, and Ifrael went dry, and fafe over to Canaan. ; Chrift makes á ready way for all that beleevingly entertaine him , through the horrours of death, to the heavenly kingd'ome ; death like the deluge fpares. none, as Noah therefore betooke himfelfe to the Arke, and was preferved, fo let us .betake our felves to Chrift, that 6.Faftening thoughts upon brevity of life