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Brevity of lift 4motive toget interef in Chrif. 51 that we may be preferved from the fecond death; all they who were out of the Arke perifhed in the waters , all they that are out of Chrift will perifh in the deluge of Gods vengeance, the Lord Jefus is the foules onely refuge and deliverance. V Behold (faith the Lord by Mofes in ano- ther cafe) to morrow about this time, 1 will carafe it to raine a very grievous hayle, fuch as bath not been in Egypt from the foundation thereof until' now. Send therefore ;IOW and ga- ther thy cartel', and all that thou haft in the field for Is on every man and 6ea.>tt that (hall be found in the field, and all not be brought home, the hayle!hall come doWne uponthem and i they !hall dye : He that feared the word of the Lord among them made his fervants and his .cartel' flee into the houfes,andhe that regarded not the Word of the Lord left his fervants and his cartel' in the field, and they Were all [mittenand died. Thus in this cafe behold to morrow, ere long, very fhortly, the Lord will caufe a mighty raine, he Will raine downe fnares, fìreandbrimtone, and an horrible tempeft, fend thereforenow and gather your foules, your (elves, your friends, husbands, wives, children, fervants, kindred, and neighbours unto Chrifl, get yee intereft in Chrift, hide your felves by faith, and love in Chrifl, for upon every foule ofman that fhall not be found in Chrift, upon every parent and childe, husband and wife, mailer and fervant, young andold, bond and free, that (hall not be brought home to Chrift, the haile, fire, and brimflone of Gods wrath (halt come downe upon them, and they fhall dye, both the fiat, and the fe- cond death ; and now I know that he that fearer the word of the Lord among you, will flee to Chrift, give all dili- gence to receive and entertaine Chrift , to get a fure and bleffed intereft in Chrift ; but he that regards not the word of the Lord will flay in the field, abide in the fervice, way, and pradife of the prophane world, and be for ever deflroyed,for there is no falvation out of Chrift jr/He is the re- furrettion and the life, and our life is bid With him in God; therefore let us fay with Angufine , let all thefe things perifh, let us let paffe all theft vaine, and empty things, and let us betake our (elves to the onely inquifition ofthofe H 2 things u Exod 9. T9, 2®. y I.