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Opening andgarnifhing theheart. things which have no end , let us betake our felves to Chrift who is the fame, yefterday, to day, and for ever; He like Noah.; Dove will bring us an Olive branch of peace, when all the comforts of thecreature are drowned; he will Rand by us, and defend us as Shamma, oneof `Da- yids worthies flood, and defended the field when all the refidae f'ed from it. When all worldly, and (layes, pillars and fapporters leave us and flay behind us , then as Ifaac went up to the Mount with eflbraham, fo will Chrift goe up with us, and prefent us with acceptance,. with great j )y and gladneff in God his fathers prefence ; and let the remembrance and thought of thefe things fwee ten and make' exceedingly joyous Chri(ts comming among us. ÌM1 C H A P, VII,. Chrifls welcöe A Nd let us declare and manifeft the truth of Chrifts waif-cited. welcome , and our joy at Chrifts comming by our prepared, humlale,and hearty receivingofChrift,accordìng to pnt thecharge of the Pfalmift,Let us W lift up the gates anddoores Byopeninband of our hearts from the creature, and all things<here below, elevating the let us remove the bolts and bars ofinfidelity,obftinacy, pride, heart. fecurity, and f lfe-love ; and let us by faith, love, repen- tance, and humble obedience, open the doors of our hearts, x Mat.9.24. that Chrift the King of glory may come in, As the x Min- ftrels, and other people, were put forth out of the Rulers houfe, and Chrift received, that his dead daughter might be raifed to life. Thus let us put out of the doores of our hearts, all carnall joyes, and flefhly lufts, that Chrift may enter into, and minifler the life of grace to our foules; let all give place to Chrift, that Child may have the full ,poffeftion of us, and worke efeftually within us. a Let W 1r,