Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

go Holy feare, finne, not being weary of it , but intending the mainte. tmar.6. nance thereof; I cut of the head of the Baptift, the forerun - ner of Chrift. Man can neither truly 'delve, nor faithfully endeavour the advancement of Chrift and his Gofpell,that is not weary of his finne, as of a heavy burthen. Man to whom finne is pleafant and delightful'', is very impatient and weary`of the prefence and power of the Gofpell ; he alone confecrates himfelfè to Chrift, and the advancement of his kingdom:, to whom finne' is diftaftefull, as gall to his palate, gravell to his teeth, a difeafe to his flefh, or fetters to his feet. When Abner wat Wroth With 11h6o- razSam ;.8,io fbeth the tonne of Saetl,then he in came to `David to fit up the throne of David over Ifrael ,end over fndah from `Dan even. to Beerfheba. When man is wroth with (inne, full of in- dignation againft (inne, then he comes to Chrift, then he joynes himfelfe in a holy and folemne Covenant with Chrift, then he labours to fet up the throne of Chrift over his feule and body, then he prayes, and firives that Chrift may raigne from `Dan to BeerJheba, from the higheft tothe loweft faculty of his foule, and from the greateft to the finalleft undertaking of his life. Man is ever fo much the more induftrious to fet up Chrift and his kingdome, by howmuch the more his corruption doth grieve and trouble him. z,Holyfe're 2. A Ad), andfliall fare toWardt Chrift maki,ng loath to offend Chrift, willing in every thin,; to pleat: Chrift. All the Rulers of the Provinces, the Lievtenants, Deputies,and Officers of the King helped the Iewes, when the ° feare of Mordecai fell upon them. When the holy and gracious nHeft g. ;, feare of Chriff doth fill upon the foules of men, enter in- to, and take pofleffion of the hearts of men, then they joyne themfelves to the help of Chrift , to the help of the Gof- pell, and Church of Chrift ; then they 'lady and endeavour the advancement of Chrift and his kingdome ; therefore raPfal,t.ia,It 1v ferve the Lord with feare (faith the Pfdtniff) re+oyce be- fore him with trembling, and k, fe the f nne, embrace the fon, reif and relye upon the fon, acknowledge, exalt, and mag- nifie the fon ; put your (elves with all readineffe and ful- neffe