Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Be firong, skill or ftrength : It is not the leaft of a Minifters care, and skill in dividing the Word, fo topreffe the Chriftians duty, as not to oppreffe hisSpirit with the weight of it, by laying it on the creatures ownMoulders, and not on the Lords ftrength, as here our Apoftle teachethus. xn In this verfe; Firft, here is a familiar Compellation ; Alybre- thren. 2. Secondly, here is the exhortation; Be .firong. Thirdly, here is a cautionary direction annexed to the exhor. tation ; In the Lord. Fourthly, here is an encouraging amplification of the diretii. on ; Andis the pottier of hit might, or in his mighty power. 44.0t100444+:^4400411404,4400++00+04, CHAP. 1. OfChriflian Courage andRefolution, wherefore ne. ceffary,: andhow obtained, E (hall wave the Compellation, and begin with the Ex- hortation : Beflrong, that is, be of good courage, fo commonly tiled in Scripture-phrafe ; 2 Cbron. 32.7. Re ftrong and couragiotu. So, !fa. 3$ ; 4. Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be ftrong: or, unite all the powers of your fouls, and mufter upyour wholeforce, you will have ufe of all you can make or get. From whence the Point is this. Val. The Chriftian ofall men needs courage and refolution. Indeed there is nothing hedoth as a Chriftian, or can do, but is an aft of valour : A cowardly fpirit is beneath the loweft duty of a Chriftian 7ofh.1 . 7. Be thou strong and very couragiotts, that thou' : what ? ftand in battel againft thofe warlike Nations ? No, But that thou ?swell obferve to do according to all the Law, tvkich Mofe.t my fervant commanded thee. It requires more prow- effe and greatneffe of fpirit to obeyGod faithfully, then to com- mand an Army of men, to be a Chriftian then to be a Captain. What feems Idle, then for a Chriftian to pray ? yet this cannot be performed aright, without a Princely Spirit ; As Poi; is faid