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oE And in the Power ofhis might. fore my face : I cannot beare it. The Mother as fhe fits in her houle heares one threek, and knowes the voice, cries out, 0 'cis my childe, away the throws all, and runs to him. Thus God takes the alarm of his childrens cry ; 1 heard Ephraim e- moaning himf, elf, faith the Lord, his cry pierced his eare, and his care affected his bowels, and his bowels call'd up his power to the relcueof him. 2. Secondly, the dear love he beareth to his Saints engageth his power. He that bath Gods heart,cannot want his antic. Love in the creature commands all the other affections, fets all the powers of the whole man on work ; thus in God, love fets all his other attributes on work,whenGod once pitch's his thoughts of doing good to loft man, then wifdom fell on projeeting the way, Almighty power that undertook to raife the fabrick ac- cording to wifdomes model!. All are ready to effea What God faith he likes. Now the believing foule is an objea of Gods choiceft love, even the fame, with which he loves his Son, john 17.26. Firft, God loves the believer as the birth of his everlafting counfel, when a foul believes, then gods eternal purpofe and counfel concerning him, (whom he chofe in Chrift before the foundation of the world, and with whom his thoughts went fo long big) brings forth. And how mutt God needs love that crea- ture, whom he carried fo long in the wombe of his eternal pur- pole ? This goodly Fabrick of heaven and earth had not been built, but as a Rage whereon he would in time ac} what he de- creed in heaven ofold, concerning the laving of thee,- and a few more his Elea ; and therefore according to the fame rate of de- light, with which God pleafed and entertained himfelf in the thoughts of this before the world was, mull he needs rejoyce over the foule now believing, with love and complacency uncon- ceivable ; and God having brought his counfel thus far to*ards its iflue, furely will raife all the power he bath, rather then be _difappointed of his glory, within a few fleps of home; I mean, his whole defign in the believers falvation ; The Lord who hath 3. chofen his Saints, (as Chrift prayes for 7ofbua their reprefenta-- tive) will rebuke Satan and all their enemies. 2. 1 Secondly, God loves his Saints as the purchafe of his Sons blood ; they colt himdear, and that which is fo hardly got,fliall not r. Zed-.