Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Andin the Power of his might. 3' not be eafily loft. He that was willing to expend his Sons blood to gain them, will not denyhis power to keep them. Thirdly, God loves the Saints for their likeneffe to himfelfe, fo that ifhe loves himfelf, he cannot but love himfelf appearing in them; and as he loves himfelf in them, fo he defends himfelf in defending them. What is it in a Saint that enrageth hell, but the image of God, without which the war would loon be at an end? It is the hatred the Panther bath to man that makes him flue at his pidure ; Forte fake We are fain all the day long : and if the quarrel be Gods, Purely the Saint fhall not go forth to war at his own coil. Thirdly, the Covenant engageth Gods Almighty power, gen.1 7. I. I am the e.4lmighty God, 'Palk before me. There is a League offenfive and defenfive between god and his Saints, he gives it under his hand, that he will put forth the whole power of his Godhead for them, i Chron, 17. 24. The Lordof Hoffer U the Godof Ifrael, even a God to *del. God doth not parcel himfelf out by retaile, but gives his Saints leave to challenge whatevera god bath as theirs, and let himwhoever he is, fit in Gods throne, and take away his crown, that can fallen any un- truthon the HolyOne; as his Name is, fo is his Nature, a god keepingCovenantfor ever.The Promifes ftand as the mountains a- bout 7erufalem,never tobe removed;the weak as wet as the ftrong Chriflian is within this line ofCommunication. WereSaints to fight it out in open field by the fttength of their own grace, then the firong were more likely to nand, and the weak to fall in battel, but both celled in the Covenant are alike fa fe. Fourthly, theSaints dependance on God, and expectation from God in all their flraits, oblige his power for their ranc- our ' . whither doth a gracious foule flue in any want or danger from fin, Satan,or his inftruments,but to his God? as naturally as the Coney to her burrough ; Pfal. S7. 3. At what time I am a- fraid, faith 'David, I will truft in thee : He tells God he will make bold of his houfe to ftep into, when taken in any florme ; and doth not queilionhis welcome. Thus when Saul hunted hin), he left a city of gates and barres to trust God in open field. Indeed all the Saints are taught the fame leffon , to renounce their own firength, and relic on the Power of God, their own policie