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Andin the Power ofhis ringht, from the fountain-head of his mercy into the bofome of his peo- ple the _Egyptian., thought they had ifrae/ in 'a trap, when they faw them march into filch a nook by the, fea. fide ; 7 hey are ix, tangled, they are entangled; and truly fo they had been irrecover- ably, had not that Almighty power which led them on, engaged. to bring them off with honour and fafety ; well, when they are Out of this danger ; behold, they are in a wilderneffe, where no- thing is to be had for hack and belly, and yet here they (hall live fourty yeares, without trade or tillage, without begging or rob- ' bing of any of the Neighbour. nations, they (hall not be be- ; holden to them for a penny in their way ; what cannot ty power do to provide for his people ? what can it not do to .prote6t them .againft the power and wrath of their enemies ? Almighty power flood between the lfraelttes and the Egyptians, fo that (poorcreatures) they could not fo much as come to fee their enemie : God lets up a dark cloud as a blinde before their eyes, and all the while, his eye through the cloud is looking them into dirorder and confufion ; And is the Almighty grown weaker now a dayes, or his enemies ftronger, that they pro- mile themfelves better fuccelTe ? No,. neither ; but men are blin- der then the Saints enemies of old, who fometimes have fled at the appearances of God among his people, crying out, Let for the Lord fighteth for them. Whereas there be many now- a (laves will rather give the honour of their difcomfitures to Sa- tan himfe!f, then acknowledge God in the bufineffe more rea, dy to fly the devil fought againfl them, then.God ? 0 you that have not yerworne off the impreffions which the Almighty pow- er of God bath at any time made upon your fpirits.3 beware of having any thing to do with that generation of nien, whoever they are. Come not near their Tabernacle,, call not thy 'lot in amongfl-them, who are enemies totheSaints of the moil High, for they ate men devoted to deftrucction: God fo loves his Saints, that he makes nothing to give whale Nations for their rats. force. Herip't open the very wombe of Egypt, to lave the life of. ifraelhis ch.lde, Ifa. 43. 3: Secondly, this (dews the difmal deplorable condition of z. all you, who are yet in a Chrift-kffe ftate , you have feen,a rich mine open'el, but not a penny of this treafure comes to your alareo truth laden with incomparablecomfort,,hut is. is bound t. 3. fo