Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

48 And in the Power ofhis ;night. duty, to mortifie corruption and the like ? perhaps thou wilt fay, Yes, I have waited on thole Ordinances, which are the way in which he bath promifed to give out flrength. But is this all ? thou mayeft come to them, and not wait on God in them. Haft thou not carnally expeaed flrength from them, and fo put the Ordinance, as the her husband in Gods Bead ? Hath not the frame of thy fpirit force-affinity with theirs in James 4. 13. we %II go intoDuch a city, andbay, and fell, and get gol;ne : Hath not thy heart faid, Iwillgo and hear fuch a man, and get comfort, get flrength ? and doeft thou wonder thou art weak, barren and unfruitful ? Are Ordinances God, that they fhould make you flrong or comfortable ? Thou mayeft heare them anfwer thee, poor foul, as the King to the woman in the liege of Samaria : Help, 0 prayer, fayeft thou, or, 0Minifler ; How can they help except the Lord help : Thefe are but Chrifts fervants : Chrift )- keeps the Key of his wine-cellar, theycannot fo much as make you drink, when you come to their Mailers houfe; and there- fore, poor foul, flay not fhort ofChrilt, but prefte through all the croudof Ordinances, and ask to fpeak with jefus, to fee Je- fus and touch him, and vertue will come forth. Secondly, ask thy foale whether thou hail been thankful for that little flrength thou haft ; though thou art not of that flrength in grace, to run with the foremoft, and hold pace with the talleft of thy brethren, yet art thou thankful that thou hail any flrength at all ? though it be but to cry after them, whom thou feeil out-firip thee in grace, this is worth thy thanks. All in David army attained not to be equal with his fewWorthies in proweffe and honour, and yet did not caihiere themfelves thou haft reafon to be thankful for the meaneil place in the ar- my of Saints, the leaft communications of Gofpel mercy and grace mull not be over- look't. Afroon as ever Mafia with his army was through the lea, they flrike up before they ilir from the bank-fide, and acknowledge the wonderful appearance of Gods power and mercy for them, though this was but one ftep in their way; a howling wilderneffe prefented it felf to them, and they not able to fuhfift a fewdayes with all their provifion, for all their great viaory, yet Mofes,he will praife God for this handfel ofmercy. This holy man knew the only way to keep credit with God, fo as tohave more, was to keep touch, and pay down