Hale - BR120 H364 1684

The Preface to the Reader. tofatisfadion in, after theWriting of theft Papers, as he fig. nfedto me on fame Difcourfe, fpecially after the reading my Catholick Theology. lb. Among the Points not diffinfly knowable without more Revelation than weyet have of it, one is [what is the Real Conlequenceof the Baptifm of Infants or its O- million]. But the Ad of 'Uniformity Ejetled all the Mi- nijiers of England, that would not publickly, declare that they Afient and Confent, that [It is CERTAINBI THE WORD of God,that Infants baptized, dyingbefore a&ual Sin, are VNDO?JBTEDLTfaved] (none excepted). Had the Convocationbut cited that Word of God thatfaith this, this Goodman might have been kept from taking that as un- knowable, which every Conforming `Minijter in the Church is Certain of,as anundoubted Article( ofFaith.And it would have been a great kindnefs to thefilencedMiniiiers. Pag. I a. Hispreference ofEpifcopacy before all other Go- vernments, was his real Judgment. But it was its Ef entials andnot allthe Additionals that he meant. For tomyknow- ledge he wouldhave been glad of the Primitive Model of Bithop Ufher, (Who was his much valuedfriend). In the 3d. Tra&. Pag. i 7. the Scribe left an A for a word omitted, and Idurji not fupply it by Conjetlure. Who the Authors are that befo much blameth, f ecially the Dialogift, few, willdoubt, but Iwill not name, becaufe by the Report of his goodPreaching andLife, Icannot but hope that he Repenteth ofit. Thereis one S T. that in an Invelfive ageing the Pro- teflant Reconciler (a Book like this) and againjl Dr. Stil- lingfleet, inftnuates that Iam not to be believedin myReport elfewhere given of3udge Hales words, that [A new Ad of Uniformity muff heal England, &c. In theft three Treati- f s this incredulous manmayfee much more than that, which may expugne his ?lnbelief And left any accufe me of Forge- . ry,