Hale - BR120 H364 1684

The Preface to the Reader. efpecially in two of them. Andthat Repetitionand the Bre- vitymade me lung undervalue them. But I take it as an intollerable piaculum toput any alte- ring handofmine to the Writings offuch a Man ; which I profèfs Ihavenot done in adding, expunging, or changing one Word (fave fomefalfefellìng of the Scribe: for only the La- tin Yerfes, and an enterliningor two, are his ownhand;which I know by many a Sheetthat Ihave hadfrom him.) And as long as the Occafion of the Writing them is known, I think it no difhonour to them tohave thefe Repetitions : At lead notfo much as my alterations wouldbe : Yea it is ufe- ful ; ftrfi, as fully fhewing the Readers, that thefe are no haft) crude conceptions, but matters that long and deeply dwelt in his heart. z.. And Great matters, f ecially to dull or unwilling,or negligent Readers or hearers, muß ¡eoft re- peated; for a Tranfient touchpafferh away fromfuch without any Efell. O that the matter of thefe three Papers were Written and fpokenan hundred times, if it would make Rn- lers,andTeachers,andPeople onceitruly to confider and receive them as they deferve. Yet upon oft perufal I find that the Repetition is joyned with variety of inference and Application: And he hath too Queafy a Stomach that will Naufeate them in fo fhort drf- courfes onfogreat a Subjell, fo neceffary to a People diffolving bywilfullDivEons, by the deluflon of Abaddon that is com- monly Paintedwith a Cloven Foot. Ifhali add the Contents for the Readers help. But I/hall notprefume to animadvert on the matter, fave in thefefew Notes. z." Traci. I. pag. 3. Ifuppofe by [Common áffiflances] he meaneth not that which All men have : But which is not Miraculous, and allthat rightlyfeek may hopefor. P. 7. Some of the Controverfies which he fudged unde- terminable, I have Caufe to think he at leafi came nearer to