Hale - BR120 H364 1684

The Preface to the _Reader. ry, 1 hope topreferve the Manticripts,4 anddoubt not but the Lady Hale or Mr. Stevens bath a Copy of them. And le- caufé this Reverend Enemy to the Reconciler, (pleading; for their Excommunication) wasa Son of a ReverendNoncon- formiff (deceafed) and livedfòmetime with me, at Kider- minfler, andfrequently walkt with me, and therefore may be thought tohave knownmy incredibility ; Iask him, why in all that time, [if heknew me to be a Liar] would he never once tell me of it. Itake [Curfed be the Trimmers] and [ßlefïed are the Peace-makers] for direacontraries: AndChrifl to be Wifer andmore credible than allthe Enemies -of Peace. R. B. THE.